Our Team

Lynn Whitlow

Studio Director

Lynn Whitlow is the director of Bikram Yoga Petaluma. Lynn has been teaching all her adult life, serves as a judge for the international yoga championship, and has owned and operated 7 world renown yoga studios. Lynn was the founder of Funky Door Yoga – the world renown Bikram yoga studio with locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area. She is one of only a few people authorized by Bikram to teach seminars and workshops, and assisted Bikram with his teacher training. She is sought by teachers and students around the world and we are VERY LUCKY to have her teaching in Northern California! Lynn teaches regularly at her Petaluma studio when she is not traveling the globe doing yoga seminars.

Noshy Hedgeman


Noshy worked on and off for Jeff Renfro digging ditches at Plug Buster Plumbing. After getting arrested for his 67th time, Lynn petitioned the courts to parole him directly to Bikram's Teacher Training in 2001. Noshy has been teaching ever since, using his earnings to finish High School and earn his College degree.

Kathryn Keown


Raised by a little known sect of Monks that worship chocolate biscotti and People Magazine, Kathryn was once considered a 'child prodigy' for teaching her first yoga class at the age of 18 months. After garnering fame and fans from around the globe, the 'Janice Joplin of Yoga' was forced to leave the mirrored room for a short time due to overindulgence in coconut water, Chia and skimpy shorts. With the help of spiritual leaders, spray tans, and swearing off laughing at her own jokes, Kathryn is now a calm and motivating teacher known for flipping people off in traffic.

Ryan Nolan


Ryan Nolan AKA DJ Ry Toast is a yoga teacher by day and award winning DJ by night. She brings passion, intensity, and swagger from the turntables to the podium at Bikram Yoga Petaluma.

Erin Paulsen


Erin's class is always a surprise. You never know what's going to come out of her mouth - because neither does she. Leave you sense of humor at the door because this girl has plenty to go around.

Lisa Isley


Lisa grew up in the hood (Mill Valley). She was educated in the Middle East. She turned down a job working for the CIA to teach yoga in Petaluma.

Beth Warner


Beth is the thunder from down under. She travels back and forth from Melbourne, Australia to Petaluma, California. Beth wrestles crocodiles when she is not teaching.

Jacquie Solomon

Studio Concierge

She moved to California from Arizona a while back to live her dream. She can be found working the front desk at BYP with her two Yorkies, Coco and Charlie. Jacquie loves fashion, yoga, her family and long walks on the beach. If she’s not working she most likely is shopping or on vacation.

Kelly Johnson

Studio Concierge

Kelly is from Alaska where she worked as a penguin farmer with her pet moose Wayne. She practiced Bikram Yoga alongside Sarah Palin during the long, dark freezing cold winter months to stay warm. She may not agree with her politics but sure does like her camel.

Leticia Quinonez

Facilities Manager

Since Leticia has arrived studio has never been cleaner. One day perhaps you’ll see her teaching in the hot room!