The following testimonials are by our students who’s lives have changed by practicing Bikram Yoga.

Their stories tell us that Bikram Yoga brings us new hopes in our life and Bikram Yoga Petaluma provides the key elements to maintain a regular, consistent practice, in a fun and friendly environment.

Annie Haught

When I started Bikram yoga 5 months ago, I got encouragement to try it from my co-worker Laura. I asked her, do you have to be in shape to do it? She said No! Well as of this writing I have lost 28 pounds. (I usually come 4 days a week). I have cut my sleeping medication in half. My back pain is better. And I am much calmer generally. I feel great!

Alison Struppa

Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life both professionally and as a personal lifestyle. When the idea of going to a Bikram Yoga came up I had very little interest. I had a great fitness plan already. It just took one class and I loved it! It’s an excellent total body workout. Time efficient, effective and empowering. After two weeks I had not only lost weight and seriously tightened up, but I have no water retention, I sleep better, I am calmer, more focused, and for the first time in about 25 years I have no stiffness, no inflammation, and no pain in my legs. I’ve suffered the irritating discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis for so long. Very frustrating. I realized I had stumbled upon a crucial part of curing my discomfort. RELIEF!!! Soon another major benefit started happening… emotional and spiritual growth. In addition to that my eating habits naturally and effortlessly shifted to become the healthiest and most conscious I’ve ever been. My family has what a surprise! This is an amazing, beneficial, and productive addition to anyone’s life. Whithout a doubt, Bikram Yoga is life changing, life enhancing!


Yoga is not something we can hold off or turn off, it is the equivalent of a force of nature -- like wind or water.

Mari Stephens

Three years ago, at the urging of my children, I gave Bikram Yoga a try. At the time, even with my usual practice of running and swimming, I was having increasing difficulty coping with the mounting troubles in my life. I never understood why anyone would want to exercise indoors; the idea of a heated room and a teacher continually telling you what to do—that in no way seemed appealing. I questioned what value there could possibly be in such a curious practice. Now, of course, I have experienced the profound benefits. Remaining calm and focused in the heat while attempting 26 postures and two breathing exercises is mysteriously transformative. 100% exertion, even for ten seconds, to 100% relaxation is hard! But such wonderful, grand surprises result—clarity and coping, personal insights, self-development, improved sleep, strength and flexibility, physical fitness, stress management—astonishing improvements in every area of life.

Bikram Yoga Petaluma is a great treasure. I felt welcomed and a part of something very special the first time I walked through the door. Every aspect and every detail of the studio creates an atmosphere that lightens your heart, lifts your spirits and truly supports your practice. The classes are uniquely fantastic. The instructors teach with all their heart; their encouraging energy fills the room and sustains and supports everyone for the whole ninety minutes. The expertise is unparalleled, the camaraderie delightful. Those amazing teachers inspire everyone to work towards their upmost capability and yet, at the same time, enliven and bolster the class with wit and fun, kindness and calm. I leave every class with a glow of gratitude for Bikram Yoga Petaluma. I love this studio!


Solutions are not the answer; Bikram Yoga Petaluma is the answer!

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